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Watch Warm Bodies Full Movie  I was highly disappointed when it was not similar to the book!! I don't understand screenwriters or whoever chooses to change it all. SO MANY simple, big, great details were missing! I love how R gets into the stadium, genius!!, and they totally change it. I could go on & on. It was hard to even enjoy the movie when scene after scene wasn't like the book when it easily could of been! Come on Summit Entertainment....

Watch Warm  Bodies 2013 Movie Online Free  Isn't it rather offense to change every detail about the book? It's great the book got the opportunity to be a movie...but it's like Summit Entertainment took the main great plot & decided to change every supporting detail.

Watch Warm  Bodies Putlocker Free Movie Streaming  In the book R does not find Julie the first time he goes to feed, the whole fight scene between zombies & humans, when Perry dies...none of that happens that way. He is suppose to be shielding Julie, she does not eat canned fruit, HE HAS A WIFE & KIDS, R SLEEPS prior to meeting Julie, he does not tell Julie he killed Perry at the suburban home, Julies dad dies, I could just keep going on & on.

Watch Warm  Bodies Full Movie Free Streaming  Being a person that read the book before watching the movie made me noticed many missed things, such as leaving out that R was "married" with his orphan children, or the bar fight, and even the boob mishap between Nora and R (which would have been hilarious if they used it in the film.) Hollywood transformed it into another generic love-story. I laughed a little and enjoyed it, but nothing compared to Issac Marion's actual writing.

Watch Warm Bodies Online Free Full  As a person who read the book and watched the movie, I was a little disappointed that Hollywood got a hold of this novel. They missed so many details from the book, and didn't include many scenes, especially my favorite ones in the novel. Even though M was suppose to be a porn- addict zombie, I feel like he was still portrayed well with the lines he was given. Watch Warm Bodies Free Online 2013 Full Movie Streaming